Welcome to the Charismatic Episcopal Church of Kenya

The Patriarch

Craig Bates
ICCEC in Kenya


Welcome, I am Bishop Craig Bates, the Patriarch of The International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC) my Cathedral is located in New York, USA. We, along with our brothers, the fellow Bishops of the Charismatic Episcopal Church of Kenya are part of a movement within the universal church called convergence worship. It is a home for those who are seeking a church whose worship is fully charismatic, fully evangelical, and fully sacramental and liturgical.

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Bernard Njoroge

The Most Reverend Bishop Njoroge of Kenya,the General Secretary of the Charismatic Episcopal Church in East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) welcome you to this web site, we part of an exciting move of God called convergence worship. Please contact our Bishops in Burundi to come and worship with us and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bishops and Dioceses of Kenya


Bernard Njoroge

ICCEC Diocese of Great Lake East Diocese

Bishop Njoroge received his Bachelor of Theology Degree from McGill University, Montreal, Canada and his Masters from Aberdeen University, Scotland. He pursued and obtained a Bachelor of Law Degree from London University, UK and completed Post Graduate studies at Kenya School of Law. He is presently an attorney of the High Court of Kenya and former Commissioner of the Kenyan Constitutional Review.

Bishop Njoroge served as a priest in the Anglican Church of Kenya for 26 years and was elected bishop of Kajiado. In 1996, he felt led to leave the Anglican Church and join the CEC. On August 17th, 1997, he was consecrated Bishop of Kenya for the ICCEC.

At present, in addition to being the Bishop of the Diocese of Nairobi, Bishop Njoroge is the General Secretary for Kenya and Tanzania and Assistant Legate for the Patriarch for all of Africa. He is also a member of the Patriarch's Council representing Africa.


Joshua Ayoo Koyo

ICCEC Dicoese of Great Lake East Diocese


Bp Bernard Katili Matolo

ICCEC Diocese of Machakos


Daniel Kimwele

ICCEC Dicoese of Kitui


Peter Zedekiah Otsulah Chunge

ICCEC Dicoese of River Nzoia - Central


Bernard Afwanda

ICCEC Diocese of River Nzoia


Bishop Eliasiba Woja

ICCEC Dicoese of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Loitokitok Kenya


Moses Meeli Ngusa

ICCEC Diocese of Kajiado


Solomon Madara Kadiri

ICCEC Dicoese of River Nzoia North


Tobias Onyango Opondo

ICCEC New Great Lakes Diocese - West Yala